JKA Scotland Kata Course
13th January 2018

JKA Scotland Kata Course

JKA Scotland members enjoyed the first Course of 2018 with Sensei Ohta 7th Dan JKA on Saturday 13th January. For more information please check in the latest news:

JKA Scotland Gasshuku
20th Ė 22nd October 2017
10th Anniversary

JKA Scotland 2017 National Gasshuku JKA Scotland 2017 National Gasshuku JKA Scotland 2017 National Gasshuku
Kurasako Sensei                            Ogane Sensei                            Ohta Sensei
    8th Dan JKA                                3rd Dan JKA                            7th Dan JKA
    JKA HQ                                            JKA HQ                                JKA England

JKA Scotland are delighted to announce that our 10th Anniversary Gasshuku will be held at Dunfermline High School on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017. There will be a 10th anniversary party on the Saturday night. All JKA Scotland Instructors have information for the weekend activity but if you require any further details please contact info@jkascotland.com

JKA Scotland
National Championships 2017

JKA Scotland 2017 National Championship

JKA Scotland National Championships were held on Saturday 11th March 2017.
For more details and trophy winners please follow this link:

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For anyone wishing to join a JKA Scotland club please see our clubs page or e-mail info@JKAScotland.com

For any instructor wishing to find out more about affiliating to JKA Scotland please e-mail info@JKAScotland.com

Latest News

January Update:
Calendar of Events 2018

The JKA Scotland calendar of events for 2018 has been added to the Events page. more information:

October Update:
10th JKA Scotland Gassuku 2017

On Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of October 2017, JKA Scotland welcomed Senseiís Kurasako, Ogane and Ohta to Scotland.
For more information click this link:

September Special Kata Course 2017
Sensei Ohta 7th Dan JKA

Special May Course 2017.

On 2nd September, JKA Scotland held itís annual Special Kata Course with Sensei Ohta 7th Dan JKA.
For more information click this link:

November Update:
Calendar of Events 2017

The JKA Scotland calendar of events for 2017 has been added to the Events page. more information:

Squad Training

Use this link for more information