JKA Karate Do Shotokan (Scotland)
Association Championships 5th March 2011
Final Results Table

Event 1: Childrens Kata under 10 yrs up to 4th kyu
1st Simon Carmichael
2nd Lewis Simpson
3rd Iona McDonald
3rd Kiera McMillann

Event 2: Childrens Kata under 10yrs 3rd Kyu and Above
1st Daniel Simpson
2nd Cameron Martin
3rd Iona Barclay

Event 3: Childrens Kata 10 to 12 yrs up to 4th Kyu
1st Owen McCormick
2nd Thomas Bunting
3rd Tyler Fullarton
3rd Morgan Binnie

Event 4: Childrens Kata 10 - 12 yrs 3rd Kyu and Above
1st Jamie McDonald
2nd Alicia Steele
3rd Calvin Bruce
3rd Arran Goddard

Event 5: Junior Kata 13 - 15yrs Boys and Girls up to 4th Kyu
1st Mhairi Conway
2nd Rebecca Jackson
3rd Hannah Robinson
4th Eilidh Morrison

Event 6: Junior Kata 13 to 15 yrs Boys and Girls 3rd Kyu and Above
1st Murdo Lunn
2nd Andrew McDonald
3rd Dale Gibson
3rd Melanie Smith

Event 8: Ladies Kata 16yrs and Above all Grades
1st Angela Strachan
2nd Paola Burrows
3rd Sasha Milner
3rd Inga Antonio

Event 10: Male Kata 16yrs + 3rd kyu and Above v1st Andrew Hamilton
2nd David Bettley
3rd Magnus Garson
3rd Drew Caffery

Event 11: Junior Team Kata all Grades under 16yrs
1st Musselburgh
2nd Orkney
3rd Shibumi (Jamie)
3rd Shibumi WK

Event 12: Senior Team Kata
1st Shibumi
2nd Musselburgh

Event 13: Childrens Kumite under 10 yrs beg to 7th Kyu
1st Iona McDonald
2nd Andrew May
3rd Ross Forsyth
3rd Stephen May

Event 14: Childrens Kumite under 10yrs 6th Kyu to 4th Kyu 1 Attack
1st Simon Carmichael
2nd Ryan Kodra
3rd David May
4th Ross McKinnon

Event 15: Childrens Kumite under 10yrs 3rd Kyu and Above
1st Daniel Simpson
2nd Iona Barclay
3rd Cameron Martin

Event 16: Childrens Kumite 10 - 12 yrs Beg to 7th Kyu
1st Rebecca Innes
2nd Connor Tsurami
3rd Lauren Furness
3rd James Wylie

Event 17: Childrens Kumite 10 - 12yrs 6th kyu to 4th kyu 1 Attack
1st Karen Roger
2nd Tyler Fullarton
3rd Thomas Bunting
3rd Rory Conway

Event 18: Childrens Kumite 10 - 12 yrs 3rd kyu + Semi Free Sparring
1st Jake Beveridge
2nd Blair Currie
3rd Alicia Steele
3rd Ross Lunn

Event 19: Junior Kumite boys beg to 4th kyu 3 Attack
1st Mhairi Conway
2nd Hannah Robinson
3rd Rebecca Jackson

Event 20: Junior Kumite 13 - 15 yrs Boys 3rd kyu and Above
1st Sam Morris
2nd Alax Care
3rd Dale Gibson
4th Andrew McDonald

Event 21: Junior Kumite 13 - 15 yrs Girls3rd kyu and Above
1st Rebecca Tait
2nd Mhairi Roper
3rd Shawney O'Donnell
3rd Lynsey Milne Thomson

Event 22: Ladies Kumite 16yrs + up to 3rd kyu 1 Attack
1st Christine Roger
2nd Sasha Milner
3rd Jake Copley

Event 23: Ladies Kumite
1st Angela Strachan
2nd Inga Antonio

Event 25: Senior Male Individual Kumite
1st David Bettley
2nd Andrew Hamilton
3rd Magnus Garson
3rd James Campbell

Event 26: Senior Male Kumite Team
1st Orkney
2nd Shibumi
3rd Kishido
4th Aberdeen A

Event 28: Junior Male Team Kumite
1st Kishido
2nd Orkney
3rd Musselburgh