The following is a summary of JKA Scotland

JKA Scotland is a non profit making organisation with association funds being used to benefit the members with regard to support for courses and competitive events. All elected National Committee members and office bearers give their time voluntarily.

JKA Scotland is a democratic association with Dojo's and Students around Scotland whose members practice Shotokan Karate as taught by the Japan Karate Association. The association is run by a National Committee of elected office bearers whose role is to take care of the organisational needs of the association and the welfare of the members.

All members have access to the various courses and events that are organised by JKA Scotland which take place regularly throughout the year at various locations around Scotland. Members also have access to the various national and international events organised by the Japan Karate Association and its other affiliated associations in various countries along with the events organised by the Scottish Karate Governing Body.

JKA Scotland Affiliations

Japan Karate Association World Federation (JKAWF)
Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB)

Elected Office Bearers:
Chairman: Alan Simpson
Secretary: Paola Burrows
Treasurer: John Deans and Kenneth Roy
Vice Chairman: Calum Medine
Child Protection Officer: Paola Burrows
Licence Officer: Calum Medine

Squad Coach:
John Deans

Squad Manager:
Bert Stewart

JKA Scotland Senior Instructors:

6th Dan JKA (Rokudan) :
Alan Simpson

5th Dan JKA (Godan) :
Bert Stewart
John Deans
Jim Murray
Gordon Williamson
Drew Rankine
Martin Sommerville

4th Dan JKA (Yondan):
Angela Baigrie
David Bettley
Stan Calder
Alan Bown
Andrew Hamilton
Drew Kennedy
David Osborne

4th Dan (Yondan):
John Arneill

3rd Dan JKA (Sandan):
Derek Main
Theresa Roper
Lorraine Caffery
Calum Medine
Graeme Esson
Lynn Lester
Kenneth Roy
Paola Burrows
Andrew McComish
Alan Lockhart
Marie Bower
John Douglas
Kevin McCormick
Magnus Garson
Kim Stephen
Richard Flynn
Susan Campbell
Helen Paterson
Marie Buck
David Grant
James Campbell
Tracey Baxter
Stuart Jamieson
James Sinclair
Sue Struthers
John Lunn
Peter Kerr