KDS at the SKGB Scottish National Kumite Championships

The SKGB Scottish National Kumite Championships were held on Sunday 18th November at Meadowbank Sports Centre Edinburgh. Karate Do Shotokan (Scotland) was represented at this event by a number of our members who all competed very well and to the best of their ability especially considering many had already taken part in our association regional courses and Kyu gradings that weekend.

Well done to James Campbell (Shibumi Karate Club), James Sinclair (Shibumi Karate Club) and Jamie Stewart (Musselburgh Karate Club) who all competed well in the individual and Team event for under 16 years. No prizes this time around but all competed well and an enjoyable and valuable learning point for the guys in the future.

Junior Kumite Champion Ross Marsham (Age 13 Garnock Valley Karate Club) achieved 1st Place in the under 4'8'' category, with Arron Horn (Age 11 Garnock Valley Karate Club) taking joint 3rd in the same event, Ross Marsham also won this event last year, and we are proud that he showed great form and worked hard to hold onto this title. Andrew Marsham(Age 14 Garnock Valley Karate Club) was awarded 2nd Place in the under 5' category, a massive achievement considering he picked up an injury in his first fight and went on to compete with what turned out to be two broken bones in his foot. ( A stookie and a silver medal to boot). Steven Murray (Garnock Valley Karate Club) took 3rd place in the 18+over under 75kg event and by all accounts performed exceptionally well, good to see Steven back on form after a break from the competition circuit. Andrew White (Garnock Valley Karate Club) also competed but was unfortunate not to be placed in this event.

SKGB Championships November 2007

All are proud to have fought under the association banner and hope that their medal contribution will be the first of many to be held in the name of Karate Do Shotokan (Scotland). Special thanks to all competitors and KDS Instructors who attended the event along with KDS Squad Coach Sensei John Deans for official duties performed and Squad training sessions.